Commercial / Industrial Solutions

Improve your 'return on investment' using cost-effective systems

Culligan Commercial & Industrial Solutions are completely customizable for your business needs. From design to installation our Quality Water experts strive to improve your ROI using cost-effective systems that will deliver efficient results. From water softening to reverse osmosis, pre-treatment solutions and deionization; our team will use innovative solutions to improve your customers experience and reduce operating costs.

Food Service & Restaurants

Businesses have experienced these results:

Reduced downtime and maintenance costs on appliances such as ice makers, dishwashers, steaming equipment etc.

Cleaner and better tasting drinking water (beverage & ice filtration).

Spot free glasses and dishes, resulting in an improved customer experience.

Overall reduction in scaling and maintenance cost of equipment while increasing equipment lifespan.


Hotels using Culligan solutions have experienced the following savings:

Softer and brighter linens with increased life span

Reduced scale buildup on equipment and fixtures; easier cleaning, saving time and money.

Reduction in detergent and chemical use.

Increased lifespan of equipment and lower maintenance costs.


Manufacturers can experience the following benefits:

Reduction in scaling and sediment problems.

Chlorine removal and improved taste & odour.

Increase equipment and processing efficiency.


Here’s how Culligan systems can improve your healthcare facility:

Less down time and maintenance when treated water is used in Autoclaves and other critical pieces of equipment.

Ultra-pure water treatment systems used in experiments and lab works promotes consistency and cost savings.

Patients and employees enjoying great tasting water.

You could give your people Culligan Water. Interested?