Drinking water solutions tailored for your business

We provide customized drinking water solutions tailored to how your business operates. Whether you have a single location or offices around the island; Culligan makes it convenient to enjoy pure, better-tasting water in the workplace, while being environmentally friendly.

Bottle-less water coolers

With all of the benefits of a bottled water drinking system, but NONE of the bottle management headaches and lifting. Eliminate deliveries (no more lifting), more sanitary (not exposed to contaminant or touched by hands), environmentally friendly (a Go Green solution that reduces the plastic bottles in our landfills). Our customers also save money as the expense of maintaining these systems are more cost-effective than purchasing bottled water. Overall, a convenience that the entire office can appreciate!

Hands Free Activation/Foot Control Water Cooler

The Puripress Hands Free Cooler is bottle-free cooler activated via foot control. It has an automatic temperature control system that dispenses chilled water and the stainless-steel cabinet design works well in most environments. The cooler also has a filter mounted inside the cabinet that reduces chlorine, improves taste and odour, removes sediment, and is Bacteriostatic (inhibits bacterial growth). Individuals can now avoid contamination by reducing surface contact when getting drinking water.

Drinking Water Filling Stations

Do you already have the traditional bottled water coolers in your workplace? No problem, there is still a way to provide your employees and/or customers with better quality drinking water that costs you less. Using one of our drinking water filtration options we can design a central system to fill existing bottles used with the water coolers in your workplace based on your demand.

Bottled Water Coolers

bottled water coolers provide your employees easy access to drinking water. With optional temperature settings: hot, cold or room-temperature, a water cooler is an affordable perk for employees and customers alike. Select from various styles that suit your office décor whether it’s for the reception area, kitchen, office or break room.

You could give your people Culligan Water. Interested?